julia häller / animation


«niemalsauseinander» video / 2018


This video was an experiment I created during my graduation project «niemalsauseinander». It shows my painting as a film. The topic of my work was «cutting the cord from its nest» like growing up and leaving the home, the mother. The music is composed by me as well.


Animation based on the theme «design, play by rules» / 2016
(collaboration with, Tiffany Gretener & Christoph Hunziker)


The idea is based on the game where everybody draws another part of the body but doesn’t know what the person before drew. We developed the game further and we stopped the time. We had 30 seconds for generating a new picture or object out of a shape that the person before left. The difficulty was the time and the respective shape. The green color is meant to emphasize the changes. The beautiful thing in this game is, that everybody turns into a designer, a creative person. Everybody sees something different in a given shape. The time pressure is the interesting effect. 


Weltklasse Workshop animation / 2016
(collaboration with Angela Gjergjaj)


Weltklasse is a poster workshop, which takes place every year at Fachklasse Grafik. In this animation we focused on the process of conceptualizing a poster. We compared this process with the cooking of a dish in a kitchen. We baked a poster, so to speak, thereby using kitchen utensils. This led us to an unexpected result, just like in the process of creating a poster – you never know what it will be like.