430 x 3500 mm

«niemalsauseinander» («never apart») graduation work at Fachklasse Grafik Luzern, Leporello

/ 2018


The topic of this project was freely selectable.

This work is about the relationship between mother and its child i.e. child to its parents. I dealt with the moment of «ermerging from my nest/home». During this project I was confronted with this feeling of detachment from home and the desire to step in my independency. So I observed myself while constantly working at home.  I painted my feelings, emotions and moods about detachment and attachment to my mother. I tried to thematise this special split phase of my life. It is very personal but it is not about me or my story. The viewer becomes a child again and discovers a story in which he could project his own feelings and memories. He discovers a textual level which he can pull out. The texts integrate themselves into the painting while they are closed. The painting is printed on paper and the paper is glued on carton and that in turn is clued on linen fabric. The Leporello is arbitrarily collapsible and offers many new compositions of the long painting. A slip case is furthermore the symbol of the nest, the womb. I realised after this work, that you don't really emerge from your egg, you just change the relationship to many things. You don't detach from your mother you just develop yourself and maybe one day you will be a mother and you have to detach yourself from your child. 

London, mind the gap!

An editorial developed after a school trip to London with illustrations and texts from me and my classmates / 2016


The concept of this layout is based on a modular system which takes into account the number of pictures each student chose to integrate in his/her text. Pictures bleed off the page and represent the multifaceted character of the students’ work and of the British metropole. The book is full of impressions, almost kaleidoscopic. The typography is meant to fill the format as well. These decisions should give you an overstimulation for a reason, because I think London, and the trip feels somehow like this – many impressions, no space for boredom. The index, inspired by the London tube, will guide the reader through my publication.