Prague – series

210 mm x 297 mm

watercolor, oil chalk on paper / 2017


Very often in the evening after work and on the weekends I have been outside and I have drawn. At the beginning of my stay in Prague it was a kind of therapy to feel at home, to clear my mind which was overfilled with impressions and to simply switch off my thoughts. Over the time when I felt a lot more comfy and Prague was no longer unfamiliar drawing became a natural desire and I was always happy to sit down and draw in the evening. I then found a technique that fascinated me for weeks. That was also due to the limited selection of drawing tools, however I drew almost only with oil chalks and with my newly bought Russian watercolor box. And I realized how I have changed towards my sketches and I do it constantly. I experimented and let myself guide by my fingers and found more and more pleasure in expressing myself.

split PERSONALITY – series

1000 x 1400 mm

Couache on paper / 2017


I was expressing myself within the idea or the discussion about what is a split personality or the «disease» it is called. I tried to figure out how it would feel like to be in this situation and how all this characters interact together. And after a while I thought about the natural diversity and variety of ourselves and how we deal with them. After this work I am convinced, that reducing myself to one personality causes somehow oppression of flow of creativity. Or rather, that out of variety and elaborateness creation takes its origin.



Jumeaux dans la forêt

700 x 1000 mm

Acryl on woodplate / 2016


This painting is illustrating the feeling between me and my twin sister. It is showing the strong connection that is always here. I visualized our environment as a forest in which everything grows and takes its course. But something is floating between us, is it a river? or is it a snake? is it poisoned?

We are somehow abandoned and passive, but if things are calm and we lay beside each other, we observe the growth and life around us. It embodies this very primordially infinite bond. 

madre santissima

1200 x 1000 mm

Acryl on canvas / 2016


This painting is showing my mother in a river with her children. We are not the same age, but in this illustration I show all of us as a baby connected to our mother. The koi fishes are symbolizing the supernatural, the spiritual, which I associate with my dead father. He/they are protecting us or are living with us in a new body...

The painting is dedicated to my mother, in some way it visualizes the self-sacrifice she did and is still doing, but particularly after the death of our beloved father. The river is calm but there are lots of currents and the strength of our mother always held us together on one cord.

captive capture

500 x 500 mm

Acryl on canvas / 2015


This painting is a representation of male and female in one person, I do not know what gender it is. It is somehow captured and there is no space to express itself but on the other hand it seems comfy and protected.

I don't know what emotion this figure is expressing, is it grief? is it bliss? or is it sleeping?