poster project prague

Random Posters I designed during my internship in Prague, 2017


These posters should be seen as sketches, they are "unfinished" but also finished as a draft. I just tried to let out an idea as fast as possible and therefore I didn't finalized them. Like with paper and pen, I sketched just in digital. I think the moment you are sketching is the one which contains the most intensive dose of creativity. And I like the feeling of creating rawly and unadulterated.

apg denkzettel poster

Poster design competition on the theme of „living“ on behalf of APG Denkzettel and Fach- und Wirtschaftsmittelschulzentrum Fachklasse Grafik ,2016


I worked with collages. I created a new world which provides a lot of room for interpretation. I experienced a gigantic and extensive process, my collages show the moment of homecoming and the feeling of personal unfolding accompanying it. A peaceful place, a niche where everything takes its course. A place where you feel at home, where everything is allowed, where your senses interact and you don‘t have to hide anything. You are your true inner self and your feeling of home is the space to live it.

Besides, the naked but is meant to represent the small child in us who might be afraid of the outside world, or who still lives in this paradise, agreeing with all the growth and well-being surrounding him or her.


Poster design for the diploma concerts of the University of Lucerne (M.A. in Music), 2016



I wanted to visualize music in general because there is no specific instrument or music genre the degree course is limited to. My poster is meant to combine a multitude of floating colors, the abundance of different tones, as well as the many different influences and genres of music. The final result is a visual representation of melodies, tones and sounds, while the typography portrays rhythm and resonance.