poster project prague

Random Posters I designed during my internship in Prague / 2017


Besides working for Studio Najbrt I designed posters. Namely arbitrarily, sometimes with a topic, sometimes left to the coincidence of the process. My intention was to sketch now digital as with pencil and notepad. This is why I never worked out the designs in detail but implemented as many ideas as possible. Therefore the posters should not be considered as hang out posters – rather as sketches or illustrations. I have often tried and exploited the possibilities and effects of Illustrator and thus generated images that could be considered as the basis for a possible painting or screen printing.

Public fridge

Public Fridge initiative poster for the district "Hlavní město" in Prague at Studio Najbrt / 2017


A public fridge where you can dispose your excess food so it is not unnecessarily wasted or thrown away. The fridge will be available for poor people and/or homeless people. For this initiative, a vote was made for which I could design a poster. The poster was printed on A3 format and showed in the district of Prague 6.

Karlovy vary film festival

"Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2018" poster proposals for Studio Najbrt / 2017


I was able to work on first ideas and visual appearance for the upcoming Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2018. For years Studio Najbrt has been creating a new, refreshing design for the renowned festival. The film festival is one of Najbrt's largest and long-term customer. I created poster designs. It was a real pleasure as there were practically no rules. I focused a lot on the font and the typographic appearance of both modern and old-fashioned films. One aspect was also the digitalization of film. This has led to numerous designs of which I show here a few. 


brasileiro restaurant

"Brasileiro" Restaurant poster and postcard design at Studio Najbrt / 2017


Brasileiro is a Brazilian restaurant with two branches. It belongs to the restaurant chain Ambiente, who is a longtime customer of Studio Najbrt. I could create postcards in regards to the changes in the restaurant, which make these novelties visually appealing to the visitor. The information was that one can now eat sushi in Brasileiro. In doing so, I have relied on a simple descriptive style of illustration. The postcards were then selected and printed. Furthermore, I was able to design a postcard, which humorously shows a plan or sequence of what one can eat in an "All You Can Eat" menu in a row, so that one does not feel unwell afterwards. The trouble was to bring the amount of text to the postcard format in an appealing and legible way. Furthermore I designed the new years eve poster and postcard.


apg denkzettel poster

Poster design competition on the theme of "living" on behalf of APG Denkzettel and Fach- und Wirtschaftsmittelschulzentrum Fachklasse Grafik / 2016


I worked with collages. I created a new world which provides a lot of room for interpretation. I experienced a gigantic and extensive process, my collages show the moment of homecoming and the feeling of personal unfolding accompanying it. A peaceful place, a niche where everything takes its course. A place where you feel at home, where everything is allowed, where your senses interact and you don‘t have to hide anything. You are your true inner self and your feeling of home is the space to live it.

Besides, the naked but is meant to represent the small child in us who might be afraid of the outside world, or who still lives in this paradise, agreeing with all the growth and well-being surrounding him or her.


Poster design for the diploma concerts of the University of Lucerne (M.A. in Music) / 2016


I visualized music in general because there is no specific instrument or music genre the degree course is limited to. My poster is meant to combine a multitude of floating colors, the abundance of different tones, as well as the many different influences and genres of music. The final result is a visual representation of melodies, tones and sounds, while the typography portrays rhythm and resonance.